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Many people believe that before written history, technologically advanced beings inhabited our planet. Call them ancestors, call them Aliens, or whatever you want. Researchers have found several pieces of alleged ‘technology’ that point towards a time when our planet was inhabited by sophistical and advanced societies that somehow, mysteriously vanished from Earth.

This ‘theory’ has been rejected by mainstream scholars who say that history as we know it is more than accurate, and all of the alleged findings are simple hoaxes and lies. But what if they are not? Is it possible as some researchers suggest, that highly advanced civilizations inhabited Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago? Even millions of years ago? And that the out-of-place artifacts that we have found in the past belong to them?

Here we have some of these mysterious findings that suggest mankind has been on Earth far longer than scholars accept.

The 250 million year old microchip


In Labinsk, Russia, researchers discovered what appears to be some sort of microchip embedded into stone. According to scholars this discovery marks the beginning of a completely new history, one that many ancient alien theorists have been talking about for years. The object that researchers have found is believed to be some sort of ancient microchip and according to researchers, this ancient microchips dates back millions of years. After countless tests, researchers have come to the conclusion that this antique piece was used as some sort of microchip in ancient times. Many people have even noticed a mysterious “marking” on the microchip: K2000. The million dollar question is, who and what used a microchip that dates back 250 million years? Is there a possibility that this is in fact the remains of ancient technology? Technology that belonged to a highly advanced civilization that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? Or is there a possibility that this artifact did not originate from Earth, but on another planet, belonging to an extraterrestrial race.

Traces of 14 million year old vehicles


According to a statement from a Russian geologist: these traces were left by vehicles that belonged to an advanced ancient civilization that inhabited our planet 14 million years ago. Geologist Alexander Koltypin believes that the mysterious markings that extend along the Phrygian Valley, in central Turkey, were made by an intelligent race between 12 and 14 million years ago. “We can assume that ancient vehicles with “wheels” were driven into the soft ground, perhaps a wet surface,” said the geologist. “Because of the great weight of these vehicles, they left behind very deep grooves which eventually petrified and turned into evidence.” Geologists are familiar with such phenomena as they have found petrified footprints of dinosaurs that were preserved in the same way.

The 300 million year old screw embedded in stone


According to reports from news agencies in China, a mysterious object that was discovered in 2002 could be the ultimate evidence of prehistoric civilizations on Earth. Not thousands, but hundreds of millions of years ago. The Lanzhou screw is believed to be similar to the one found in Russia in the 90’s. According to Lanzhou Morning News; After a discussion about the possibility of being man-made and the possible reasons for its formation, scientists unanimously labeled the stone as one of the most valuable in China and in the world of collection, research and Archaeological studies.”While most researchers firmly believe this artifact to be the remains of a prehistoric civilization, other researcher suggest that, given the mysterious composition of certain elements of the rock, there is a possibility that both the rock, and mysterious metal screw could have originated on another planet.