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I graduated from Kean University with my Bachelor's of Arts studying Sociology. Then, I worked as a counselor in a group home setting for going on 9 + years. Writing has always been my passion and studying about philosophies in life. This is reasons why I wrote the ebook The Amazing Effects of Water. Like Dr. Emoto's experiment with water and the effects stunned me. When I put a name of a friend that I had problem with on the bottle of water, the water accidently spilled went all over me, the ground, the table, and every where. This was my first ebook. Then with my studies I wrote the fiction book A Soul Warrior's Journey, A story about a troubled young adult who bumps into an acupunturist and it helps him unlock his past life memories. This will eventually lead to a journey into Egypt. Since then I wrote more books for the Kindle and I am now awaiting my next journey in life which brings me to writing for Earth We Are One.