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Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology and the future at the White House, in a UN summit, and at conferences and festivals around the world.After having a vision of the Universe as a fractal hologram at the age of 15, he extensively studied a wide variety of branches in theoretical astrophysics, completing major research papers on the potential interface between consciousness and the physics of space-time by the time he graduated High School.He is a founder of the UNIFY movement and several education and technology based companies and organizations, as well as a faculty member and the lead systems architect for several international online academies. These include the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics, the Guardian Alliance Academy for real-life Jedi, and the Visionary Arts Academy.Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.

Adam Apollo also designed and developed the newest version of the site.

Global Press Release, October 25th 2016New online learning community explores art with the power to shape the future, and integrate the wisdom of ancient cultures.

Originally identified through spiritual and mystical art traditions such as the Tibetan Thangkas and Aboriginal Dreamtime Art, “Visionary Art” has re-emerged around the world as its own subculture and genre, and a new online Visionary Arts Academy is launching to support this movement.

“With all great cycles of change and transformation, Art is the cartography that maps the culture and consciousness of the ages,” says Adam Apollo of Superluminal Systems, who developed the online learning technology for the Academy. “The Visionary Arts can provide essential guidance by reflecting the processes of transformation, awakening, and self-awareness to a world that is on the precipice of redefining and redesigning itself.”

The modern genre of Visionary Art is best known through the works of Ernst Fuchs, Rudolf Hausner, Arik Brauer, and Alex Grey. It has often been referenced through the terms “Fantastic Realism” and “Interdimensional Art,” among others.

The artist’s mission is to make the soul perceptible. Our scientific, materialist culture trains us to develop the eyes of outer perception. Visionary Art encourages the development of our inner sight.Alex Grey

The Visionary Arts Academy was developed in partnership between Adam Apollo of Superluminal Systems, Josh Davis of Solpurpose (an online community of Visionary Artists), and Ka Amorastreya of the Visionary Arts Foundation (a non-profit that supports Visionary Artists). The Academy has a “choose your monthly donation” membership program that provides access to monthly live video interviews with artist leaders and academy faculty, as well as “LIVE Art” sessions where attendees can join leaders and other students to cocreate together.

“I believe that what we create is what we experience in life,” says Ka Amorastreya of the Visionary Arts Foundation. “By using our creative gifts we can choose how to shape our reality, and deeply impact the lives of those around us.”

Upcoming courses include an “Introduction to Perspective” with Mark Henson, “Sacred Geometry” with Ka Amorastreya, “Oil Painting Level 1” with Ryan Gatt, “Exploring Color and Tone” with Justin Buus, and many more. All the courses touch on the “Visionary” principles these artists embody in their works.

Visionary Artists generally agree on a few basic precepts: 1) Art has the power to create and shape our reality; 2) Art can reveal the unseen worlds of life-force energy, and all types of spirituality; and 3) Art can change our perceptions, and transform our psychological states of being.Adam Apollo

The Visionary Arts Academy includes many online resources to help students, faculty, and visitors connect with each other. These include live chat systems, member galleries, social profiles, discussion areas, and more. Students who complete courses earn Badges, which are compatible with Mozilla’s Open-Badge Backpacks for accreditation across Academies and organizations.

A Grand Opening Live Session is scheduled for 7pm EDT on October 25th, 2016, featuring faculty artists Randall Roberts, Mark Henson, Justin Buus, and Ka Amorastreya, with hosts Josh Davis and Adam Apollo.


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