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After my first UFO encounter I turned from a lifelong skeptic into a believer. After I had my second UFO experience I became a true believer. Now I want to bring as much awareness as possible about this ongoing phenomenon.

Ingesting psychedelic mushrooms can provide, without doubt, a life changing experience. But there are certain rules one has to follow in order to get the best out of their alluring effect. When done properly, the majority of users report a permanent change in their day-to-day lives.

When it comes to preparing psilocybin mushrooms, the process is extremely easy. All you need to do is pick them up and leave them to dry. Fresh mushrooms can be mixed using a drop of lemon and honey. You need to be careful though if the mushrooms are growing outside and not in your special magic kit, because numerous species of other poisonous mushrooms exist, and the person collecting them needs a lot of precaution when gathering them from the wild.

The effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms start to appear 20 to 60 minutes after consuming them. It consists of a mild feeling that slowly enhances the auditory and visual spectrum, but also the tactile sense. Before the mushrooms are fully accepted by the body, a feeling of anxiety is usually felt by those unexperienced. Afterwards, users report unusual mental and emotional clarity, together with a feeling of bliss. After the effect peaks, vivid hallucinations both visual and auditory occur, making the trip even more interesting.

Mushrooms are not without physical effects, among them reminding nausea, headaches, pupil dilation, increased heart rate and lightheadedness. A full mushroom experience lasts between 2 to 7 hours, depending on the dosage. To avoid the above mentioned discomforts, the user has to prepare the trip beforehand by resting, listening to relaxing music, and by thinking positive.

Some magic mushrooms pioneers proposed that the voices appearing during a trip are of extraterrestrial origins, the voice of deities or even the Earth itself. Ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna described the psilocybin mushrooms as being tools that put you in direct connection with extraterrestrial intelligence. He believed that mushrooms’ spores had travelled across the universe on comets before arriving on habitable planet Earth and delivering their alien message to the early dwellers of the planet.


McKenna suspected that mushrooms had colonized certain areas of the globe and developed symbiotic relationships with evolved primates that eventually became modern humans. The ‘alien mushrooms’ then formed a mycelium network that allows individuals to connect to a higher universal consciousness.

In this acceptance, many users describe meeting with archetypal beings such as fairies, elves, spirits, gods, or extraterrestrial beings after ingesting magic mushrooms. Some aspects of the trip are similar to the DMT experience, when users speak of accessing another dimension where they felt studied, or experimented on, by strange entities that presumably inhabit that realm.

However, mushrooms offer a more prolonged and varied experience described as a combination between an Ayahuasca and a pure DMT experience. Inside the vision, one can encounter spirits of plants, animals and ancestors alike.

In a study focusing on spirituality, volunteers at John Hopkin University were given a certain concentration of psilocybin mushrooms in a controlled setting. One third of the respondents described this as the most profound, spiritually-related experience they had in their lives so far. A considerable 79 percent said their well-being had significantly increased after several months following the experiment. After fourteen months, 94 percent of the participants admitted the psilocybin mushroom trip was one of the five most intense experiences of their lives, while 39 percent reported it as being the most significant experience they had.

Numerous studies are now revealing the tremendous potential psychedelic mushrooms have, and researchers’ curiosity is extending beyond their medical potential.